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Retail Service Pricing
Home Page $85.00 Basic design of home page including pre-existing picture, graphics, basic backgrounds colors, pictures, and etc.
Extra Page $50.00 each Including all the same features as the home page.
Page Updates 65.00/ page Renew the look of your page or simply update information on the page.  want to make a background change, or include and change  periodic information.

Advanced Service Pricing
Photo Editing $15.00-$45.00 ea. Pictures that need additional light, retouching, images removed/added, etc
Graphic Design Ask Us... Logo design, banners, etc.
Photography Ask Us... We have a variety of Photography packages available that vary in price.
Videography $65.00-$95.00/hr Short Clips, Mini videos, or Event Filming.
Video Editing $50.00-$80.00/hr Price depends on the customer's needs.




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